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This is where it all begins

In your imagination. In your vision. Right in front of your computer or phone.

No need to go anywhere. No need to visit multiple optics stores. No need to feel frustrated, finding out the model You like does not fit, or color is out of stock. Multiple problems – one solution.

Welcome to Dear Deer.

How good is to be able to embody your vision? Great – if you would ask me. So, let me tell you, how it is done.

Every adventure requires a first step

Step One

Select the model you like the most. There are 14 of them. Each different and unique.

Step Two

Choose colors. There are 10 vivid colors for frame and 4 for lenses. All of these lenses are designed using Blue Balance technology. Technology that protects your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by digital devices.

Now, try on your glasses. Yes, go ahead, try them. VIRTUAL TRY ON allows seeing, how your designed eyewear will look like. You can not pick the wrong model or color, when you can try on before purchasing. If you enjoy what you see – click the button “Next: Customize”.

Step Three

Choose prescription, if needed. Would you like to get a higher prescription? No problem, just contact us!

Select the width of lenses and bridge and the length of temples. You are more than guaranteed – these glasses will 100% fit!

You can even type what you want to be written on frame, both outside and inside. Now, how about this level of customization?

Step Four

Press “Add to cart” button. The last step – check order summary and fill your details. That’s it. Now it’s our move!

We take over from here

As soon as you finish your design, we start producing. Just like that – all attention goes to embodying your creativity. But how do we do that?

Well, Dear Deer vision is to allow you to customize the glasses the way you want them to look like. Including model, color, size, even letters on the frame. That means – we can not have any of glasses in stock. To provide such a unique and personal solution, we have to make your glasses literally from zero.

We promise to produce the exact glasses as you designed. And we take this responsibility very seriously. That’s why we are using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Frames are made from polyamide (SLS), which is very strong, light and flexible material. The frame itself weighs only 10 grams. And only 19 grams with lenses. Put them on. The only thing you will feel is uncompromising comfort!

High-quality frame must be completed with high-quality lenses. We decided to apply the experience and expertise of the most modern lenses factory in Baltic states. This partnership allows us to provide a variety of prescription lenses. What is more, these lenses have blue-blocking filters, which protect your eyes from harmful blue light, emitted by digital devices!

Customised, comfortable and protective – that’s the way Dear Deer is transforming the world of eyewear!