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How would You like to create Your own glasses?

Imagine being able to fully customize Your eyewear. “Yeah, of course, You can choose the model and the prescription at any optics store” – You probably are saying. No, I mean full customization. The new standard of personalization. The colour of frame and lenses, the model, the prescription, even the letters written on the frame! “Well, then it must cost me a fortune” – You are saying. And again – no. Let me explain.

The common issue

Let me introduce myself – my name is Justas, I am CEO and founder of Dear Deer. I have spent my last 15 years wearing glasses. 10 years working in the optics industry. There was, and still is, one common issue faced by myself and all the people I met while working in the industry. Glasses are designed using specific face mannequins. You find the glasses that reflect Your personality. You are excited. You put on glasses. The excitement disappears within a second. The glasses don’t fit. The common issue, which I decided to solve.

True 21st century glasses

What’s the recipe for true 21st century glasses? Full customization and the latest technologies behind it. Dear Deer glasses pack both of these. Why don’t we parse this statement to test whether it holds up?

Dear Deer glasses are 3D printed. Because of nylon material, which they are made from, these glasses weight only 18 grams. So light and comfortable, You will barely feel them. But these are finishing steps. It is our craft, but what about the creation process? The process You are 100% involved.

Well, to start with, choose Your favourite model. There are 14 of them. Different models for different personalities. You choose. Now, the most exciting part – the ability to fully realise Your imagination. Pick the colours of the frame and the lenses. Choose Your prescription. Write down Your measurements – lenses width, bridge width and temples length. Pretty much of customization, right? But that’s not all. You can even write down what letters or words You would like to have on Your lenses frame. That’s what I called the new standard of personalisation.

Now, when You have designed Your glasses, probably You can not wait to receive and try them on. You don’t have to wait. Virtual Try On allows You to do that without waiting or going anywhere. Dear Deer – the true 21st century glasses.

What if?

Since You have designed Dear Deer glasses Yourself, there is just a small fraction of chance that You will not like them. But, what if? After receiving Dear Deer glasses, You have 14 days to figure out, why You do not like the glasses You created Yourself. Ship them back and I will refund You the money You paid. Simple and hassle-free.

Like I said before, Dear Deer glasses are 3D printed from high-end nylon material. These glasses should not require any repairs or adjustments. But since I believe in these glasses and their quality so much, I am also giving You 2-year warranty. No hassle & risk-free Dear

Your next step

Now You have all the tools. You do not have to go anywhere. Has there been a better opportunity to express Yourself, create Your style and enjoy the new standard of personalization? I think not.Below You will find feedback from people, who took the opportunity.

All You have to do is press “Let’s create my glasses” button and begin the thrilling process of creation! I am excited to see the result!