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Gift card €75
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Gift card

 75.00 145.00

Estimated delivery date 2019/12/16

There are four coupons to choose from:

Each coupon is ideal for:
75€ for non-prescription glasses.
95€ for sunglasses.
125€ for prescription glasses.
145€ for sunglasses with prescription glasses.

*All the lenses are made using Blue Balance technology, which protects eyes for harmful blue light, emitted by digital devices.

All these holidays, like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, bring a lot of joy. And headaches oftentimes, especially when you need to come up with the idea for a gift. Wouldn’t your relative or loved one be excited to create his or her own glasses? Especially, when it would come up as a gift. Not the glasses themselves, but the process, the excitement of designing them?

That’s why we are offering not the ready-made glasses, but the whole process of creating them. You do not need to ask all the details, what color, size and model he or she would like to get. In fact, You can maintain it as a surprise till the last momen

Add this coupon to the shopping cart and purchase it. Within a minute You will receive an email with the coupon. You can print it, tie it with a ribbon and present it!


75, 95, 125, 145

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